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A more toned butt and thighs

Top tips, fast fixes and three great exercises

Fast fix

Moisturiser can to some extent disguise bumps and dimples by plumping up the surface.

Treat it

Though there are no magic lotions that will melt away cellulite, some products do help in the short term. For the best results, look for products that contain caffeine.

Prevent it

Unfortunately cellulite has the tendency to worsen with age. But there a few strategies that may help: Avoid yo-yo dieting, get plenty of exercise and avoid salty foods.

Try these three exercises to tone your butt and thighs:


Get down on your knees and forearms. Bend the left knee at a 90-degree angle, then flex foot and lift toward the ceiling. Pulse your foot 10cm toward the ceiling. Try not to move your pelvis when doing this. Switch legs after 15 minutes.


Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Step backward with your left leg, keeping your heel off the floor. Now bend both knees until the right thigh is parallel to the floor and left thigh is at a right angle to it. Hold this position for a few seconds and return to starting position.

Lifting crunch

Lie on your back with your knees bent. Squeeze your glutes together and tighten your abdominals. Continue to squeeze your glutes as you raise your pelvis toward the ceiling as high as you can. Hold this position for a few seconds. Slowly lower your pelvis to the floor while still keeping your glutes tightened.

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