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Advertorial: Avocado on-the-run

Entertaining is easy with ready-made Westfalia Guacamole that’s as fuss free as it is tasty


Westfalia Guacamole is made from ripe Hass avocados. Extra creamy and with a delicious, nutty flavour, the avocado flesh is blended with herbs and spices and then flash frozen to preserve all the unique health benefits.


Westfalia Plain Guacamole


Delicious served as a dip or an accompaniment to Mexican meals, you can also try:

• Spreading it on hot, crunchy toast or crackers

• Layering it with sweet-chilli sauce and yoghurt for a party dip

• Thinning it down with a little lemon juice and yoghurt as a dressing


Westfalia Spicy Guacamole


A delicious blend of avocado and spices, this guacamole is great served with nachos or chips. Try it:

• Dolloped on top of cool gazpacho

• Smeared over hot pizza slices

• On sandwiches instead of butter and margarine


For more information visit www.westfaliafruit.com or send an e-mail to enquiries@westfalia.co.za


Tip: Look out for Westfalia Avocado Guacamoles in stores: youʼll find Ready-to-eat in the refrigerated section.

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