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An egg a day

For years we’ve been warned about eating too many eggs, but they can actually help with weight loss

According to research they can even help protect you against some of the health risks associated with ageing. Even consuming two a day won’t raise harmful LDL cholesterol levels or increase the risk of heart disease for most people. In fact, two eggs can help you slim, as they increase satiety – a feeling of fullness – so you eat fewer kilojoules throughout the day. Eggs are also rich in vitamin D (for strong bones) selenium (for cancer protection) and zeaxanthin  and lutein, both which help prevent age-related loss of eyesight.


Research has shown that there are many obvious benefits to adding eggs to your daily diet, including these:

  1. Eggs are rich in proteïne, vitamins A, D, B2, B12 and also folate.
  2. The protein in eggs may help to keep you feeling fuller for longer, so helping you resist less-than-healthy snacks.
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