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Can acupuncture help you?

The ancient practice is standing up well to modern research. Would it help you?

True believers will unhesitatingly tell you: there’s hardly a health problem – from headaches to toe pain – that can’t be helped by acupuncture. But until recently, it’s been hard to determine one way or the other whether having needles stuck in strategic points on the skin has truly been responsible for the relief patients claim. Now new research is providing answers.


The stats below shows how well acupuncture worked for common health woes in a recent study done in Germany.

The acupuncture advantage: For these ailments, adding acupuncture to a regimen of regular care boosted the relief patients felt, with most benefits lasting at least three months after treatment.


Menstrual cramps

Improved with regular care only* 21%
Improved with added acupuncture* 59%


Runny nose (allergic)

Improved with regular care only* 24%
Improved with added acupuncture* 56%


Migraine headaches

Improved with regular care only* 20%
Improved with added acupuncture* 45%


Arthritis of knee or hip

Improved with regular care only* 8%
Improved with added acupuncture* 38%


Lowerback pain

Improved with regular care only* 13%
Improved with added acupuncture* 35%



Improved with regular care only* 12%
Improved with added acupuncture* 34%


Neck pain

Improved with regular care only* 7%
Improved with added acupuncture* 24%


To try it yourself

Look for a licensed acupuncturist who has experience in treating your condition and who is registered with The Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa. To check whether he or she is registered, visit the council’s website at www.ahpcsa.co.za.

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