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Cut back on sugary drinks

Reduce your risk of dying of coronary heart disease by cutting back on fizzy or sugary fruit drinks

Hold off the sugary drinks if you’ve been told you have high blood pressure. Cutting just two glasses a day of soft, fizzy or fruit drinks could help lower it – reducing your risk of dying of a stroke by 8% and coronary heart disease by 5%.


lt’s not just the calorie saving that helps – in an American study, volunteers who didn’t lose weight benefited from cutting down on the drinks just as much as those who did.


Meanwhile, the British Dental Health Foundation warns of the dangers of fruit smoothies (as well as sugary drinks) in causing tooth decay and erosion. The thick texture and high (natural) sugar content of smoothies mean they can stick to the teeth, while their acid content can dissolve tooth enamel.


The Foundation recommends water and milk as the healthiest drinks, followed by diluted sugar-free squash.


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