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DIY relief for allergies

‘Avoidance’ is an allergist’s favourite word. If you are allergic to dust mites, try covering pillows and mattresses with special cases to help keep them away.



Dust regularly (while wearing a mask over your mouth and nose) and vacuum with a machine that has a HEPA filter to help ward off dust allergies. You can even reduce your expos- ure to pollen, especially when the counts are particularly high.


Here are some steps that you can take on high-pollen days:

EXERCISE IN THE MORNING when pollen counts may be at their lowest. Or, work out indoors during allergy season.

KEEP OUTDOOR CLOTHES out of your bedroom.

WEAR OVERSIZED SUNGLASSES and put on a hat with a wide brim.

CLEANSE YOUR EYELIDS with a gentle baby shampoo to remove allergens. Before going to bed, shower and wash your hair. ‘Otherwise you’ll be sleeping in a pollen microenvironment,’ says Reinhardt.

USE AIR CONDITIONING in both your car and your home to keep out pollen and slow down the growth of dust mites in warmer months. Change the filters often.

AVOID FRUITS AND VEGETABLES that make your mouth tingle or your throat itch. This odd phenomenon, known as oral allergy syndrome, affects as many as a third of seasonal-allergy sufferers.

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