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Don’t ignore the snore

A nuisance or a serious health problem?

Research suggests that we should listen up if we hear our loved ones snoring.


In adults, persistent snoring – the kind of snuffling and snorting that wakes others or goes on for more than a quarter of the night – has been linked to narrowed arteries and stroke, says Dr Ann Romaker, a sleep-disorders specialist.


And according to a study published in the journal Pediatrics, children who snore two or more nights a week at ages two and three are more likely to develop behavioural problems such as hyperactivity and depression. Their brains may not be getting the sleep they need for healthy growth, or the kids may simply be too tired to check their impulses, says Dr Dean Beebe, a professor of paediatrics.


So if snoring’s a regular problem, don’t let it go unresolved. Most of the time it’s treatable – which could mean better sleep for you too.


Q: So, who snores in your house?



Source: Good Housekeeping magazine

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