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Fight fat with fibre

The secret to burning more fat at midday may be to eat the right carbs in the morning

British researchers fed a small group of 20-something women either a fibre-filled, low-glycemic-index breakfast (muesli and milk, yoghurt and canned peaches, and apple juice) or a low-fibre, high GI meal (cornflakes and milk, white toast and jam, and a sugary drink).


Later that day, all the women went for a one-hour walk and then ate the same lunch. Those who’d had the low-GI, high fibre breakfast burned twice as much fat during the walk – and, as a bonus, felt fuller for longer after lunch.


When you exercise, you burn carbs first, then fat, explain the researches. Since you store fewer crabs after a low-GI meal, you’ll use more fat during your workout. Other good breakfast options are: a veggie omelette, All-Bran cereal, or whole-wheat toast with reduced-fat cheese.


Good to know

Eating more fibre may help keep unwanted kilos off. We should aim for 18g of fibre a day.


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Source: Good Housekeeping US

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