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First AID from your kitchen

No burn shield or painkillers on hand? No worries. Just whip up these remedies from GP Dr Reid Blackwelder


To soothe a mild burn… 

Cut an onion in half and place it on the spot until the pain subsides. ‘Onion juice contains sulphur compounds, quercetin and other plant chemicals that are ingredients in many over-the-counter burn treatments,’ Blackwelder explains. Of course, your burn might be replaced by watering eyes, but that’s a fair trade-off.



To deflate puffy eyes…

Apply tea bags (any type will work) soaked in cold water. ‘Cool, wet things can help decrease circulation and limit fluid build-up – plus, the astringency of tea, from the out as well,’ says Blackwelder.



To relieve a tension headache… 

Hold a bag of frozen peas on the throbbing area for five to 10 minutes. ‘It makes a great mouldable and reusable ice pack,’ says Blackwelder. The cold constricts blood vessels, and this can ease pain.



Source: Good Housekeeping February 2013 

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