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5 essentials for your first-aid kit

These items will take your kit from handy to heroic


Here’s how to boost your kit:

1. Hand wipes

Use them to clean your hands before tending to a wound and for wiping dirt away from minor scrapes.
Cherubs Hygiene Sticky Fingers Wipes R10,99 for a pack of 10, Pick n Pay

2. A hand towel

Lay the towel out flat and use it as a clean surface for all your supplies. In an emergency, it can also be used to put pressure on a wound to slow down bleeding.

3. Water bottle with nozzle

The handy nozzle on a water bottle makes cleaning wounds a cinch. Keep the bottle a few centimetres from the wound and gently squeeze to help flush out dirt.

4. Blister pads

These waterproof plasters use revolutionary dual-layer Hydra-Guard™ Technology, with a robust outer shield that protects the formed blister from friction and rubbing, and a soft gel cushion that accelerates healing by keeping the blister hydrated and flexible.
Scholl Blister Shield Plasters R119,95, Dis-Chem

5. Little treats

When a kiss isn’t enough to make cuts and scrapes seem less painful, you’ll need a fun treat to stop the tears.
Push ’n Pull Putty R14,20, Acornkids 



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