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Five best beach snacks

When you’re packing for a day at the beach, be sure to bring along a few of these easy-to-prepare and healthy snacks

Beach season is starting, which means long, leisurely days at the beach. You can also assume all that fun in the sun and water will make everybody hungry. Try to avoid buying snacks and takeaways from stands and shops at the beach – they’re likely to be overpriced and unhealthy.


The holidays are also about relaxing and spending quality with loved ones. That’s why our snack ideas are aimed at helping you prepare healthy, easy-to-eat snacks without spending too much time in the kitchen.


Here’s what to pack for a healthy day at the beach:

Start by investing a proper cooler bag!


1. Homemade snacks

Make a big batch of trailmix before heading to the beach. You can tailor the ingredients to your taste. We recommend raisins, roasted nuts, dried fruit, and sunflower seeds. Popcorn is also a healthy and filling snack. Pop and season it yourself to make sure it’s not loaded with butter and salt.  (Click here for more healthy snack ideas.)  http://www.goodhousekeeping.co.za/af/2012/04/healthy-snacks-for-kids/


2. Fresh fruit

Fruit is a great alternative to cookies and other sugary treats if you’re craving something sweet. Chop, wash and pack them the evening or morning before. Or pack fruits that don’t require any preparation like apples, bananas, grapes and peaches. (Freeze grapes for a nice cold fruity snack the next day.)  http://www.goodhousekeeping.co.za/af/2012/05/10-ways-to-curb-your-cravings/


3. Sandwiches

Bread is likely to get soggy, so use gluten-free or whole-wheat Provitas or crackers instead. Tomatoes and spreads (like mayo or jam) will also make your sandwich soggy. Instead, opt for lean ham or smoked chicken and some low-fat cheese. (Click here for more healthy sandwich toppings.)  http://www.goodhousekeeping.co.za/af/2012/11be-sarmie-savvy


4. Raw veggies

Vegetables are loaded with vitamins and fibre, and they’re a great alternative to chips to eat with a dip. (Make your own hummus.) Wash and cut crunchy vegetables into slices and sticks. Try broccoli, carrots, peppers and cucumber.   http://www.goodhousekeeping.co.za/af/recipes/brinjal-hummus/


5. Water

A day out in the sun can leave you feeling very thirsty. Make sure you have plenty of water for everyone. Freeze the water the night before and you’ll have cold water all day.  (Click here for tips on how to stay hydrated during summer.)  http://www.goodhousekeeping.co.za/af/2012/11/stay-hydrated-and-beat-the-heat



  • Keep it simple. Pack snacks that doesn’t require cutlery to eat it.
  • Always have wet wipes in your beach bag.
  • If you don’t have a cooler bag, don’t pack snacks that will wilt, melt or spoil in the heat.
  • Split snacks into separate smaller resealable bags. This way you don’t have to throw away an entire bag of pretzels if someone dropped it in the sand.
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