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Five common diet mistakes women make

It might be that the way you’re dieting is preventing you from reaching your target weight

























Do you feel like you’re fighting an endless battle trying to drop a few kilos or so you can fit into those jeans again? You might feel like you’ve tried everything and done everything by the book but without success. It might be that the way you’re dieting is what’s preventing you from reaching your target weight.


Try to avoid the five common dieting mistakes that most women make:


1. Don’t skip breakfast

You know it’s the most important meal of the day, yet you still skip it either because you’re in a hurry or you want to lower your daily kilojoule intake. In reality, skipping breakfast has the opposite effect – you end up eating more in at lunch time when your body is most likely less active and has less time to process the food. Rather kick-start your metabolism by eating a healthy breakfast every morning.


2. Don’t obsess about your weight

Most of us give up on our diet and exercise resolutions when we stop seeing results (or don’t see any to begin with) on the scale. If you’re exercising correctly, you should be burning fat and building muscle at the same time. So, don’t feel discouraged if you don’t see those numbers dropping – if you stay focused you’ll soon start to look and feel great, and of course, fit into those jeans again.


3. Don’t throw in the towel too soon

Many women think that if they cheat on their diet once or don’t follow their eating plan one day, they might as well give up. ‘What’s the point?’ they ask. The point is, one slice of cake or pizza a week won’t make you fat, but eating junk food and sweets every day will. On the other hand, giving in to the occasional craving will also prevent binge eating.


4. Do get enough shut-eye

Most of us don’t even consider getting enough sleep a must if we are to succeed in losing weight. For your body to function properly, especially when you’re exercising and taking in fewer kilojoules than usual, you should be getting six to eight hours of sleep a night. Too little sleep will eventually slow down your metabolism.


5. Do eat smaller portions

Don’t fool yourself – eating two plates of salad drenched in an oily dressing is not healthy. Eating too much of your ‘diet’ snacks and food can sabotage your weight-loss mission. Remember that large portions stretch your stomach, and in time it’ll take more and more food to fill you up.

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