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Five simple ways to cure a cold

What to do, from the first sniffle to the last cough

1. Breathe more easily

All stuffed up? Steam in the shower and follow with a decongestant. Sprays work better than pills, but stop after three days to avoid rebound congestion. Oral decongestants can keep you up, so don’t take near bedtime.


2. Get more C naturally

Kiwi fruit is loaded with the vitamin; one study (using golden kiwi) found it reduced the severity and duration of colds. Strawberries are another rich source.


3. Get rest

Try an extra pillow – it helps gravity move mucus out the sinuses.


4. Feeling achy?

All painkillers – ibuprofen, naproxen, acetaminophen – help. Choose one based on side effects: if you have stomach issues, avoid ibuprofen and naproxen; if you have three or more alcoholic drinks a day, skip acetaminophen.


5. Still sick?

Or getting sicker? If it’s been 10 days, call your doctor. You might have a new infection.



For more tips, see page 46 of our June issue!

By Daryn Eller

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