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Five ways to make your family healthier this winter

Practical ways to keep your family healthy during cold and flu season
  1. Winter can be uncomfortable for eczema sufferers, as central heating dries out skin. Use extra moisturiser and avoid sitting too close to heat sources, such as open fires.
  2. Swap milk chocolate for dark – it’s full of antioxidants that could help to protect your heart health.
  3. Get involved. Three quarters of us believe feeling part of the community is crucial to wellbeing, but only 14% have attended a public meeting in the past year and 15% have served on a committee, says a health and wellbeing survey conducted in the US.
  4. Ease blocked noses with a natural nasal spray.
  5. Serve warming porridge. Oats are a great prebiotic (food for the friendly bacteria in your gut), and may help ward off infections.
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