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Get fit the easy way

We show you how to ditch the excuses, stop stalling and start moving

If you spend most of your day on your derrière the rest of your body will pay the price, say researchers who, after strapping motion-tracking devices to almost 5 000 adults for a week, found that Americans sit for an average of almost 8,5 hours a day.  While longer, active breaks are probably best, even getting up briefly helps.


Dr Pamela Peeke, author of Body For Life For Women (Rodale International Ltd) says: ‘Think of activity as a piggy bank. Ten minutes here, five minutes there go towards that 30-minutes-a-day goal.’ Tossing a Frisbee in the garden or a five-minute march from the office to the car counts. A 10-minute walk after each meal or a 15-minute stroll with your dog before and after work will do it for you too.


Here are some more simple suggestions to try:

  1. Take phone calls on your feet and walk over to colleagues to talk to them.
  2. Start with 10-minute chunks – say, a pre-breakfast dumbbell session, a lunchtime walk and a post-dinner neighbourhood lap with the family. These will add up – and show that if you commit to being fit, you can find time.
  3. Park your car further away from your workplace.
  4. Stretch or do light strengthening exercises at your desk.
  5. Take the long route every time you go to the rest room, the copy machine, a co-worker’s office and so on.
  6. Sit on a stability ball at your desk for an hour or two a day.


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