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Donate heartbeats and help upgrade cardiac facilities in South Africa

Second to HIV/Aids, cardiovascular disease (CVD) claims the lives of an estimated 200 South Africans each day. Surprisingly, 80% of all CVD cases are preventable through simple lifestyle changes. Adhering to regular exercise, a healthy diet and maintaining low cholesterol levels can dramatically lower one’s risk of CVD. With a premium blend of Omega 3 and 6 seed oils to help keep a strong heart, Flora has joined the fight against CVD in South Africa.


Flora has set out to collect 1 billion heartbeats with the help of all South Africans. Your participation and support will help spread awareness of the crisis. When this milestone is reached, a cardiac facility will be upgraded for the benefit of many.


Start by purchasing your limited edition 1,2kg Flora Light value pack and donating your heartbeats online: www.florastrongheart.co.za  

* Stethoscope not included with purchase.

Advertorial issued on behalf of Flora.

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