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GH Gets Fit with Adventure Boot Camp

Are you looking for a fitness class that you’ll enjoy and will keep you motivated? Good Housekeeping’s Yusrah Julius signed up for a month of Adventure Boot Camp; here’s her experience

Whether you exercise every day or haven’t for years, a boot camp may sound like the last thing you’d want to sign up for, but it’s not the scary battlefield you may think it is. Adventure Boot Camp is a fitness programme for women of all ages, sizes and fitness levels. The four-week programme consists of an hour-long session that incorporates strength training, cardio, endurance and a whole lot of fun. If you’re looking to get fit, challenge yourself and you enjoy exercising, this may be the fitness class for you.


Day one

Having not exercised in a long time (years, eek!), in the middle of doing lunges and squats, I did find myself questioning why I’d happily signed up for this boot camp. It was hard and exhausting, but after the first day, I’d never felt (nor slept, for that matter) better in my life. If you’ve only ever exercised using gym equipment, getting used to the lingo, such as open-toe lunges, reverse crunches and bear crawls to name a few, can be a challenge too. But the instructors are patient, helpful and there to guide you and ensure you don’t injure yourself. I found comfort in being around like-minded women who just want to get fit, be healthy and have fun exercising.


Week two

After two weeks I was hooked. I had already lost 3kg and could feel a big difference in my fitness levels. I found myself pushing harder and not giving up when the instructor started his countdown to end a set.


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Week four

The programme is designed to gradually increase your fitness levels over the four weeks, and gets tougher each week. By this point I was motivated, excited and enjoyed the class so much that I barely felt the intensity increase. At the end of the camp, I was awarded a certificate that praises my completion of my first boot camp. Will I be back for another one? For sure!


6 reasons to join Adventure Boot Camp

1. It’s fun and challenging

Yes, you are there to get fit, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun doing it.


2. The camaraderie

Training in a group with women who are all striving for the same goal (to be healthy and fit) is great way to stay motivated and ensure that you’ll show up for every class.


3. The fresh air is good for you

There’s nothing like fresh air to wake you up and get you going. Being outdoors, surrounded by greenery has been shown to reduce stress too.


4. No fancy equipment required

All you need are some weights (whatever size you’re comfortable with) and a mat. The exercise routines make use of your own body weight and the natural surroundings.


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5. Do it at your own pace

The boot camp is designed for women of all fitness levels, so whether you’re a beginner or are able to run a 10km race without breaking a sweat, just by showing up and pushing yourself a little every day you’re already increasing you fitness level.


6. It’s like having your own personal trainer

You get one-on-one attention without feeling you’re being put on the spot.


Visit www.adventurebootcamp.co.za to find out more and locate an Adventure Boot Camp near you.

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