Healthy at heart

Life is unpredictable, but with GREENLIGHT Severe Illness Cover from Old Mutual, you’ll have peace of mind should you experience a setback due to a severe illness


Did you know?  


  • One in four women will suffer a stroke or a heart attack before age 60.
  • After suffering a heart attack, men typically have an 80% survival rate; for women, it’s 60% to 70%.
  • By age 65, a woman’s risk of heart attack equals that of a man.
  • More than half of all heart attacks in women occur under the age of 50, and are related to smoking.
  • Heart attack risk factors include high blood pressure, high blood fats and Type II diabetes, which are often underpinned by obesity.


A sound plan will protect your future and that of your loved ones.

Every year, thousands of South Africans suffer heart attacks, even if they lead healthy lifestyles. If you’re among them, you’ll probably survive, but you’d need to make some changes to your life, and may not be able to work for some time while recovering.


Why GREENLIGHT is right for you?

Illness or injury can leave you financially vulnerable, and recovery is often long and difficult.  If you are diagnosed with a severe illness today, do you have enough money to pay for additional medical expenses or a caregiver? GREENLIGHT’s Severe Illness cover gives you 100% protection – this means that in the event of an illness such as a heart attack, cancer or stroke you will be able to claim 100% to help you pay for the best treatment possible.



Speak to your Old Mutual financial adviser or broker today, or call 0860 WISDOM (947366) for assistance. 

Old Mutual is a Licensed Financial Services Provider. 


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