Healthy eating with Minki van der Westhuizen

Model and TV presenter Minki van der Westhuizen talks about the importance of healthy living and eating
minki van der westhuizen

GWK, which prides itself on producing fresh, good-quality products, launched the Nature’s Farms brand earlier this year. Nature’s Farms pasta, biscuits and flour are made with fresh ingredients sourced from their local farms.

International model, TV presenter, wife and mother Minki van der Westhuizen recently discovered GWK Nature’s Farms’ range of products through her love of cooking. We caught up with her to find out about her fresh perspective on healthy eating and living.


Q: You are back in South Africa after spending some time in the UK. What are your family’s plans for this festive season?

Minki: We are going to Hermanus and Stilbaai with our families. Family is very important to us and that’s what we missed most when we were in the UK. Being able to spend special holidays together is a blessing.


Q: Do you have any special Holiday traditions?

Minki: Because we split Christmas between our families we have two big meals. Father Christmas brings the presents on Christmas Eve, followed by a lovely meal. Then we will go to church on Christmas Day and then we’ll have another big Christmas lunch.

When the girls are big enough, we’ll dress them up as Joseph and Mary, and sing carols together as a family.


Q: What do you enjoy cooking and baking for your family?

Minki: The girls love making cupcakes. I’m not always that keen, as the kitchen gets covered in flour. But in the end it’s always a good idea because they love the decorating and it’s quality time spent with my girls.

Ernst and I don’t cook together at the moment. He baths the kids while I cook. 😉

I prefer winter cooking. I love making stews and pastas.


Q: As a busy mom of two, what kind of recipes do you like?

Minki: I always have pasta in my house. It’s definitely my go-to meal. It’s simple and delicious. Pasta is my comfort food.


Q: What is a Van der Westhuizen family-favourite recipe?

Minki: Boontjiebredie and pampoentert.


Q: What are staples in your fridge and pantry?

Minki: Nature’s Farms pasta, biscuits and flour, as well as a can of onion and tomato mix and eggs.


Q: Are you a sweet or savoury kind of girl?

Minki: Ooh, I’m a good mix, but probably more savoury.


Q: On Boer Soek ‘n Vrou you step into the lives of many South African farmers. How has this affected the way you shop?

Minki: I like to support locally farmed products. I also like to know that I am supporting companies that promote sustainable farming.

I am now all about getting fresh, wholesome, quality products that are good value for money.


Q: Do you think this exposure to the farmers has made you look at products on the shelf differently?

Minki: Yes, definitely. Now I will choose products like Nature’s Farms, as they take you through the food-supply chain from the source to the final product. They even put the name of the farm on their packaging, which is a really wonderful way to bring the farm closer to us in our homes.


Q: If you were a farmer, what would you farm?

Minki: Probably sheep. I love lamb chops. 😉


Q: You recently rode a horse for the first time. Are you an adventurous type of person?

Minki: Yes, definitely! My husband always jokes that I have FOMO. Ha-ha! I love to try new and exciting things. I like challenging myself.


Q: Do you enjoy entertaining at home?

Minki: Yes, I love it. We entertain often. I also missed that while living in the UK. The houses there are too small to entertain more than two couples at a time.


Q: Do you have any entertaining tricks?

Minki: Yes, I love to make food that I can prepare before the guests arrive. Food that tastes good hot or cold. And then maybe just add meat from the oven or braai. So lots of pasta and grain salads.


Q: What South African food did you crave most when you lived in the UK?

Minki: Meat from a wood braai.


Nature’s Farms products are now available at local Pick n Pay stores as well as selected Checkers stores nationwide. For more information visit www.gwk.co.za and www.facebook.com/gwkbpk

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