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Healthy Eating Saves Money and Kilojoules

If you think healthy eating is more expensive than fast food, think again. Nestlé South Africa compared the cost and nutritional values of three typical meals for a family of four and here is what it found:



  • Beef burgers, chips and soft drinks top the list for most expensive: R221,20 for four portions and a whopping 4 624kJ per portion.
  • The home-cooked roast chicken with pap and sauce, and a crisp coleslaw side dish was half the price at R103,95 and 3 737,7kJ.
  • The third meal, a vegetarian butternut and pulse bake with coriander basmati rice and a carrot salad side, came out tops. It cost R72,54 and had only 1 945,2kJ.*


‘There is a common misconception that healthy eating is expensive, but in fact the opposite is often true,’ says Naazneen Khan, wellness manager at Nestlé South Africa. ‘You can save money by buying healthy food for the whole family and cut down on kilojoules by cooking at home and preparing your meals using healthy methods like steaming and grilling instead of frying.’


Here are Naazneen’s smart-shopping tips to save you time when you shop and limit your kilojoule intake too:


  • Prepare a shopping list of the week’s menu and stick to it.
  • Buy non-perishable items such as rice and pasta in bulk.
  • Lettuce goes off faster than cabbage, so plan to have salads with meals on the days immediately following your shop and keep longer-lasting veg for later in the week.
  • Restrict your purchase of ‘extra/snacky’ foods such as cakes, biscuits, chips and soft drinks – they have limited nutritional benefits and are often packed with kilojoules.
  • Add inexpensive vegetables and legumes to meat-based dishes to add variety, decrease cost and extend the number of portions.


For more helpful tips on how to adopt a healthy diet, visit Nestlé’s website www.tastierhealthierchoices.co.za.


* The prices of the meals are based on purchases made in December 2013.


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