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How clean is your handbag?

Have you ever considered the impact of your handbag on your health? Research suggests that this essential accessory could be making you sick


Did you know?

Your handbag is home to more bugs than the average toilet flush handle!

As our handbags tend to travel almost everywhere with us and they’re often placed on floors, they can easily pick up germs throughout the day. Leather bags provide the perfect conditions for bacteria to grow and spread, says UK loo specialist Initial.



Keep it clean:

Clear the dirt off a leather bag by applying a leather conditioner once a week.

Keep antibacterial wipes in your handbag and wipe the bottom of your bag at least once a day.



Reduce the risk:

Instead of putting your bag on the floor, hang it on a hook or door handle whenever possible, especially in public bathrooms, fitting rooms and restaurants.



Your handbag might not be the only bag in your everyday life that’s harbouring harmful bacteria. Remember to also clean your gym and makeup bags on a regular basis.


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