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How many kilojoules are you burning?

Use our handy chart to calculate how many kilojoules you are burning when exercising























Listed next to each activity is the estimated number of kilojoules you’ll burn per kilo of body weight per 30 minutes:


  • Golfing 9.22 kj/kg
  • Cycling, 15kph 11.52 kj/kg
  • Swimming (25 meters per minute) 11.06 kj/kg
  • Tennis 14.74 kj/kg
  • Squash 18.89 kj/kg
  • Walking, 3 kph (20 minutes per km) 5.53 kj/kg
  • Jogging, 8kph 17.05 kj/kg
  • Running, 13kph 28.11 kj/kg
  • Aerobics (low impact) 10.60 kj/kg
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