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How much caffeine is in that?

Drinking a beverage with no caffeine? Are you sure?



Experts say the average adult needs about 200mg of caffeine for a full wake-you- up effect. That said, we all feel the buzz differently, thanks to our tolerance and genetics. So listen to your body, then pick your fix:


• BLACK TEA (240ml): 14 mg to 61 mg

• GREEN TEA (240ml): 24 mg to 40 mg

• ESPRESSO (30ml): 40 mg to 75 mg

• BREWED COFFEE (240ml): 95 mg to 200 mg

• INSTANT COFFEE (240ml): 27 mg to 173 mg

• DARK CHOCOLATE (30g): 20 mg

• MIlK CHOCOLATE (30g): 6 mg

• WHITE CHOCOLATE (30g): less thAn 2 mg

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