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How to keep exercising through the holidays

Keeping to an exercise routine during the holidays is notoriously difficult

You might be travelling, which makes it tough to run your usual route or go to gym. Even if you’re at home, there’s far too much to do. Between parties, festive shopping and family occasions, it’s tough to squeeze in time for exercise. It’s tempting to let things slide.


However, it’s important to keep exercising over the holidays so that you don’t lose your fitness. Exercise can also help you stay calm and deal with the stress that festive family occasions can induce.


Stay motivated by revisiting your goals and remind yourself of your progress so far. Think about the rewards of exercising: you’ll start the year feeling fit, strong and healthy.


Beat backsliding by identifying your excuses and finding solutions.


‘I’m miles away on holiday, so I definitely can’t go to gym’

  • Go for a run in the area you are in. Go on!
  • Do a body-resistance workout that you don’t need equipment for, or find something you can do. The 200 Situps app might seem undoable, but try it and see how far you can get.
  • Download a yoga app like 10 Daily Yoga Poses on the way to your destination, and then all you’ll need is a towel.


‘I’m at home, but there’s a lot more fun stuff I could do’

  • If you can’t do the full hour, compromise and do 30 minutes. It could be a short class at gym or a run, or a workout: anything is better than nothing!
  • If you have a fitness partner, make extra sure you keep each other accountable over the holidays and plan the fun stuff around your exercise.

As added motivation, if you’re a Discovery Vitality member, you can convert your usual weekly Active Rewards to MoveToGive.


Instead of you getting your usual Vitality Rewards drink, Discovery will make a donation towards meals for children in preschools and daycare centres through Food Forward SA. Stay motivated between 21 December 2016 and 3 January 2017 by reminding yourself that you could pay that reward forward to someone else.

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