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How to lower your diabetes risk

Your diet is key to decreasing your diabetes risk

There will be a 98,1% increase in the number of adults living with diabetes in Africa by 2030 –the highest regional forecast in the world–the South African Sugar Association reports. Your diet is key to decreasing your diabetes risk says Professor Renée Blaauw from the faculty of health sciences at Stellenbosch University.

Here’s how to reduce your risk:


1. Decrease the amount of processed meat you eat

Daily consumption of meat such as sausages, viennas and polony increases your risk by as much as 51%.

2. Lose weight

A loss of at least five percent of bodyweight can significantly reduce your risk of getting diabetes.

3. Stay calm

Stress hormones increase the amount of blood sugar in the body.

4. Get more omega 3

It makes insulinmoreeffective.(Italso reducesyourriskofcardiovascular disease.)

5. Choose low fat

Dairy products such as low-fat milk and yoghurt decrease your diabetes risk by 14%.

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