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How to stay in shape during winter

Too cold to go out and exercise? Do these 10 minute indoor work-outs to stay fit and trim all winter long

Staying inside? Do these indoor winter work-outs

When winter hits, who wants to brave gale-force winds and thunderstorms in order to work out? During this chilly season, most of us – even the dedicated fitness lovers – go into hibernation. But don’t let the cold be an excuse for not keeping up your fitness routine; there are plenty of mini-work-outs that you can do without having to set a foot outside.

Toss a yoga mat on the floor before hunkering down on the couch, and try these quick indoor exercises (don’t forget to stretch and drink plenty of water before you start):


Jog On The Spot

Keep your stomach tucked in and your back straight. Start with normal jogging on the spot and then kick it up with some heavier cardio: Lift your feet up high so that they touch your bottom, and gradually pick up the pace (these are otherwise known as “butt kicks”). Keep this up for 45 seconds, take a short break and repeat.


Mummy Kicks

Keep your arms and legs straight. Kick your feet straight out and cross your arms in front of your body. This one can get tricky, but once you get into the rhythm, it should be easy to master. Do this for around 30 seconds before moving on to the next work-out.


Jumping Jack

We all know this work-out, right? You jump on the spot with your arms and legs stretched out like a jumping-jack. It’s all about form: Keep your arms straight and make sure your hands touch when they reach the top. Increase the pace every 10 seconds.



This move helps to develop your balance and agility. Keep your back straight and your feet apart, spreading your arms at your sides. Lift your right knee up, moving it across your torso, and hold it in line with your left hand. Switch legs and repeat 5 to 10 times. Feel free to modify the stance and pace to suit your fitness level.


Frog Jumps

Just as its name would suggest, this work-out involves a frog-like movement: Go from a standing squat and jump forward, then backward. This move is fun, but can be exhausting – try doing at least 4 of them.


Remember to take regular water breaks in between your work-outs and do as many of each as you can. Once you’re satisfied that you’ve worked up a sweat, pack away the mat and get cosy on the couch. 

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