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Kilojoule-cutting Food Swaps

Make these simple food switches and cut kilojoules from your meals with very little effort



DITCH THIS: Hamburger Bun

TRY THIS: English Muffin

SAVE: 250kJ


A typical bun contains 990kJ without adding much taste or nutrition. Save 740kJ by choosing an English muffin instead. Plus, you can amp up your fibre intake by choosing a whole-wheat muffin, which has added fibre and will help you feel fuller.


DITCH THIS: Sour Cream

TRY THIS: Plain Yoghurt

SAVE: 130kJ per 2 tablespoons


Try plain yoghurt instead of sour cream on baked potatoes or burritos – they have a similar tang and texture. For the biggest kilojoules savings, choose fat-free or low-fat yoghurt.



TRY THIS: Frozen Banana ‘Yoghurt’

SAVE: 710kJ


Blend some slightly thawed frozen bananas until they’re the consistency of soft-serve ice cream. For chocolate-flavoured yoghurt, add cocoa powder. A small banana is 380kJ; a half-cup serving of premium ice cream is 1 090kJ.




SAVE: 420kJ per 100g serving of chicken breast 


Tofu isn’t only a meat or chicken replacement for vegetarians, it’s also a good option when you want to save kilojoules. It’s also a fabulous choice for Meatless Mondays!


DITCH THIS: Potatoes

TRY THIS: Cauliflower

SAVE: 420kJ


Cauliflower is delicious mashed, blended into a ‘creamy’ soup or roasted. It provides almost a day’s worth of vitamin C and has only 120kJ per cup.


Here are more clever food swaps go to.

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