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Low-fat vs low-carb diet

Which one is more effective? We take a look at a recent comparison

You know your heart will thank you for dropping excess kilos.  But does it care how you do it?


In a recent two-year comparison  of low-carb versus low-fat diets, people lost the same amount of weight on  either plan (seven percent of body weight). But the low-carb group had one important heart gain: more good HDL cholesterol. ‘If boosting HDL is important,  then a low-carb diet makes sense,’ says lead author Dr Gary Foster of Temple  University in the US.


‘Otherwise, choose the plan that most appeals to you and  focus on sticking with it.’ If you do go low-carb, don’t simply replace pasta  with pork: in the Nurses’ Health Study (a long-running US study of factors  affecting women’s health), subjects who got most of their protein from animal  sources, as opposed to nuts, legumes and other plant foods, were 14% more  likely to die of heart disease over the next two decades.

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