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Make Better Vending-machine Choices

Experts always say you should avoid vending machines like the plague



Apparently ‘experts’ have never found themselves with a growling stomach at 4pm. Dietitian Elisa Zied says raiding the vending machine should be a last resort, but if it’s a choice between pressing A14 and fainting from hunger, use this guide to choose wisely. By SS Gold


Instead of pretzels, have peanuts.

They have more rib-sticking protein, plus heart-healthy unsaturated fat. Just keep it to about 30g or so, because kilojoules from nuts pile up fast, Zied says.


Instead of biscuits, have a granola bar.

Granola bars may be high in sugar, but they’re also packed with wholegrains, making them the better pick.


Instead of a Twix bar, have a Snickers bar.

‘If it has to be a candy bar, at least Snickers have some filling protein and healthy fats from nuts,’ says Zied.



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