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Milk Mania

With so many milks on the market, it’s hard to know what’s best for you





Skim milk is a mere 350kJ, has 0g of fat and packs 8g of protein punch per cup. The protein count equals that of a large egg, plus a cup has 300mg of calcium, which is a third of your daily needs, and it also contains vitamin D.




For many IBS sufferers, milk is a no-no, but soya milk is a satisfying alternative. Suitable for vegans too, it has plenty of protein (8g per cup), but is quite high in kilojoules (150kJ per cup) and has 4g of fat per cup.




Look out for almond milk in health shops. With just 250kJ per cup, this calcium and vitamin-D-rich option is tasty with muesli or in a smoothie. Don’t rely on it for a protein fix, though, as you’re looking at a mere 1g per cup, which also contains 2,5g of fat.




Choose rice milk for your cereal, tea and coffee needs – it’s suitable for lactose, soy and nut intolerances. One cup contains 505kJ, 2,5g of fat and a mere 1g of protein, so find another source of protein and calcium.

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