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Quick fixes for carpal tunnel syndrome

Two of the most effective at-home approaches for relieving mild to moderate carpal tunnel syndrome

In a rigorous trial of at-home approaches at the University of Pittsburgh in the US, this easy combo turned out to be the most effective at relieving mild to moderate carpal tunnel syndrome:


1. Sleeping with a brace that keeps your wrist straight.

2. Stretching certain muscles of the palm several times aday.



Try this:

Rest your palm on your thigh with wrist and knuckles straight. Now completely bend your fingers, so your nails touch your leg (top) – difficult if those muscles are tight. Next, apply pressure over your knuckles with your other hand (bottom). Hold for seven seconds then release; repeat 10 times.


Afterwards, straighten your fingers and gently pull them back towards you with your other hand until you feel astretch in the forearm, says lead author and occupational therapist Nancy Baker.


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Text originally appeared in Good Housekeeping, November 2012.

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