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Run for your life

Did you know: You could significantly lengthen your life with as little as one hour of jogging a week

Fit a gentle jog into your routine and you could add nearly six years to your lifespan.


In a 35-year Danish study that started in 1976, jogging reduced the risk of death at any given age by a whopping 44%. Furthermore, on average it gave women an extra 5,6 years.

More good news: you don’t have to spend all your downtime running up a storm. The optimal programme, the researchers found, was 1 to 2,5 hours a week at a slow or average pace. ‘You should feel a little winded, but not totally out of breath,’ says Dr Peter Schnohr, chief cardiologist of the Copenhagen City Heart Study.

Why jogging works: the exercise improves heart- and immune-system functioning, bone density and insulin sensitivity, helping you stick around long enough to take advantage of the senior citizen rate at the gym.


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