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Six ways to curb cravings

Are cravings controlling your life? Here are six tips to break the binge-habit.


Chromium helps stabilise blood-sugar levels to prevent cravings. ‘Take 200mg of a form called Chromium GTF [glucose tolerance factor] each day,’ says Dr John Briffa.


L-glutamine appears to fuel the brain to help prevent 4pm fogginess. Opt for the powder form, advises Briffa, and add one to two teaspoons to a litre of water and sip through the day.


Cinnamon keeps blood sugar even and tastes great when added to yoghurt or smoothies at breakfast. Ayurvedic doctor Sebastian Pole recommends half a teaspoon of cinnamon in 20ml aloe-vera juice at 3pm to keep cravings at bay.

Meals containing protein:

Protein such as eggs, full-fat yoghurt, poultry, fish, pulses, beans, tofu or lean meats – and fats such as nuts, olives and seeds, as well as olive, flaxseed and nut oils and avocados, along with vegetables, provide a steadier fuel to the brain than sugar and refined carbohydrates.


A midmorning or afternoon snack with protein and healthy fats, such as a handful of Brazil nuts or almonds (avoid cashews, as they’re high in sugar) keeps cravings at bay.

Run up the stairs:

Just five minutes of brisk walking or stair-climbing raises blood sugar naturally by encouraging the liver to release its glycogen (glucose) stores into the bloodstream.

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