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Stop worrying about little things

Don’t sweat the small stuff, here are the facts:



One more trick for defeating your mental doom monster? Remembering that the likelihood of a calamity befalling you or someone you love is very small. According to US stats, the chances of some things you worry about actually happening are slim. Here are some numbers to bring you peace of mind:


Your headache really is a brain tumour:

1 in 4 746


You’ll be attacked by a shark:

1 in 10,9-million


The cut will be infected by flesh-eating bacteria:

1 in 390 874


You’ll burn down your home by forgetting to unplug the curling iron:

1 in 449 504


The world will end in a fiery apocalypse:

0 (It hasn’t happened once since the big bang, so stop worrying!)

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