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Test your Food IQ

Guess which food is the wiser choice in each of these pairs, then read further to see if you’re right. By Lisa Lillien



Bowl of granola vs Ham and egg English muffin


Filet mignon with a baked potato vs Chicken Caesar salad


Tuna-salad sandwich vs Hamburger


Two pork soft tacos vs One chicken burrito



The winner: Ham and egg English muffin

It’s made with a 420kJ English muffin and a slice of lean bacon, and gets bonus points for built-in portion control. An official serving of granola is often a tiny quarter cup; a full cup can easily have 1 680kJ. Factor in 2% milk and you’ve blown your breakfast.


The winner: Filet mignon with a baked potato

Fact: Caesar salads are loaded with fatty dressing and topped with croutons and cheese. A petite filet, on the other hand, can be a perfect portion of lean beef. And while potatoes get heavy if you top them with the wrong things, they can be a satisfying guilt-free side if you spoon on salsa or marinara sauce instead of butter and sour cream. If it’s a huge potato, save half for later.


The winner: Hamburger

A one-patty burger made with extra-lean beef mince – topped with tomato sauce, mustard, tomato and lettuce – is a reasonable choice, especially compared with tuna salad, a food faker that seems more virtuous than it is. The fish itself is great for you, but gobs of mayonnaise are not.


The winner: Two pork soft tacos

Unfold a big burrito and you’ll probably discover a tortilla the size of a sombrero! Not only can the tortilla itself have hundreds of carby kilojoules, it also holds loads of cheese, guacamole and sour cream, along with beans and rice. A couple of tacos, on the other hand, come with the right amount of goodies. Top them with diced onion, lettuce and salsa, and you can spring for the more decadent pork.

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