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The difference between yoga, t’ai chi and Pilates

Improve your mind and body with these three forms of exercise

The suppler and stronger you are, the more flexible your joints will become and the fewer aches you’ll get. If, however, the very thought of strenuous exercise is enough to make you retreat to the safety of your couch, some more relaxing forms of exercise might be the answer. Here we break down three different forms of exercise that can strengthen and relax you.



What is it?

No matter your body type or fitness level, you’re sure to enjoy this practice of postures and poses designed to strengthen and balance the body. Yoga is a mix of deep breathing and different postures and stretches.

The benefit:

You’ll feel rested, relaxed and calm after a session. Not only will your posture and balance improve, you’ll also sleep better.


T’ai Chi

What is it?

T’ai chi is a combination of slow movements and breathing techniques. Even though it looks graceful and relaxing, research reveals that it packs quite a healthy punch.

The benefit:

T’ai chi is renowned for improving balance, and studies have shown that those who practise t’ai chi fall less frequently. It also improves body alignment and places less stress on the ligaments and joints.



What is it?

Pilates balances your body by building a strong central core, which will not only make your body more flexible but will also give you a great posture. Rhythmic breathing techniques are combined with exercises that stretch and strengthen the major muscle groups.

The benefit:

Soon you’ll have strong core muscles to support your body, especially your back. Having a good posture can also make you look longer and leaner.


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