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The health benefits of better breathing

Just 10 minutes a day of proper breathing can boost energy, melt away tension and even relieve stubborn health problems


In recent studies, techniques taught by knowledgeable pros have helped improve specific medical problems.


Three examples include:


1. Heartburn

Training the diaphragm muscle with exercises used by singers reduced the amount of acid backing up into the oesophagus – and paid off with a 75% drop in medicine use – an Austrian study found.


2. Panic attacks

Exercises with slower, shallower breathing – to counter the hyperventilation that occurs – relieved the symptoms as effectively as cognitive therapy, recent research at the Southern Methodist University in Dallas in the US showed.


3. Asthma

In a Greek study, patients had fewer symptoms and their lung functioning was improved after just 12 sessions of breath training.



Source: Good Housekeeping 2013

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