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The health risks of wearing high heels

‘Beauty’ might just not be worth the ‘pain’

More women are wearing higher heels and for longer, but experts are increasingly concerned about the long-term damage they are doing to their feet. Many women choose to endure pain and discomfort in the name of style, but cramming your feet into shoes with too high heels or wearing them for too long can cause some serious problems.


The damage

A study at Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK involving MRIs and ultrasounds has shown that wearing high heels (in the study, the heels were at least 5cm high and were worn for about 60 hours a week) makes Achilles tendons stiffer (20%) and shortens muscle fibres (13%).


What to do

Limit wear to four days a week, and occasionally kick off shoes for five minutes and point and flex your toes, or stand on a step on the balls of your feet and lower heels till you feel a pull in your calves.

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