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The healthy choice you can trust

Do you know what it takes to get the HSF’s stamp of approval? Rest assured that every Heart Mark approved product is nutritionally sound

This is what it takes to get a Heart Mark: 

  1. First, the product applies for endorsement.
  2. Next, it is thoroughly tested by an independent, accredited lab.
  3. The laboratory results are then examined by a team of dietitians.
  4. Levels of fats, cholesterol, fibre, sodium and sugar are checked to see if nutritional criteria are met.
  5. Now the product is ready to receive our stamp of approval.
  6. But not before its packaging is assessed for nutritional accuracy according to our strict requirements.
  7. It may seem excessive, but it means that every Heart Mark approved product is nutritionally sound.


Look out for the healthy choice you can trust!

For more information, visit www.heartfoundation.co.za.

Advertorial issued on behalf of HSF.

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