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The key to a flatter belly

High-fibre diets may blast away visceral fat

Eat more fibre

High-fibre diets may blast away visceral fat - the health-threatening stuff that lies deep beneath the podginess. Using CT scans to measure fat at the beginning and end of a five-year study period, researchers at Wake Forest School of Medicine in the US found that people who ate more soluble fibre – 10g a day was the magic number – gained less dangerous belly fat than those who didn’t. Exercise helped even more. Beyond the belly-fat link, fibre is a great weight-loss weapon because it helps fill you up.


How can you get to 10g a day?

Start your day with a cup of cooked oats and a large chopped apple; have a whole-wheat sandwich for lunch, an orange for a snack and a cup of cooked broccoli as a side dish with dinner. Other soluble-fibre stars: dried beans, peas and prunes.

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