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‘Think’ yourself thin

Yes, you can eat healthily and enjoy your meals



What to do:

Simply perceiving your meal as extravagant can help you feel satisfied and rev up your metabolism, say researchers from Yale University in  the US.

When they gave 46 volunteers a 1 590kJ beverage labelled ‘Indulgence Shake’, their levels of the hunger- and metabolism-regulating hormone ghrelin fell sharply, as they felt full and had an amped-up kilojoule burn. But a week earlier, when the group had the same smoothie, this time marked ‘Sensi-Shake’, their ghrelin stayed flat. 


Make it easier:

So when eating healthily, don’t focus on how ‘good’ you’re being.

Instead, think about how pleasurable the experience is (the aroma, taste and texture), suggests lead researcher  Dr Alia Crum.



Text from Good Housekeeping magazine 2013.

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