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Too busy to work out?

Here’s how you can fit exercise into your busy lifestyle

We’re all so hectic these days that the thought of finding time for exercise can be daunting.

Here are four easy ways you can squeeze exercise into your tight schedule:


Always keep a pair of trainers in the car.

Or keep them under your desk at work. Then whenever you have a spare 20 minutes, you can take yourself off for a brisk walk.


Write exercise into your diary.

If it’s there in black and white, you’ll find it’s harder to ignore. Working out should become as routine as doing the supermarket run, even if it’s just 20 minutes twice a week.


Invest in simple equipment.

Going to the gym takes time so, why not invest in an exercise ball to use at home? They’re great for working the core muscles in just minutes a day. An instruction DVD to get you started is usually included with it.



This remains one of the most time-efficient forms of exercise, as you start exercising as soon as you leave your front door. Even if you’ve never run before, you’ll be amazed how quickly it becomes second nature – whatever your age.  

For more details and programmes for beginners, go to: RunSA or Runner’s Guide.


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