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Top tips for guaranteed weight loss

Kick-start your weight-loss journey with these practical tips

Speed up the weight-loss process


1. Write it down

Spending 15 minutes – just once – writing about the values you believe are most important may help you lose weight. When a group of university-age women tried it, they lost about 1,6kg over 10 weeks (a control group gained almost 1,4kg). ‘Reflecting on important values can improve self-image, hampering the eat-to-feel-better impulse,’ says Dr Christine Logel, a professor at Renison University College in Canada.


2. Strengthen your willpower

When a tray of kilojoule-laden appetisers heads your way, boost your diet resolve by clenching your hand. Firming your muscles shores up your willpower, helping you overcome temptations, say researchers from the University of Chicago in the US. They had health-minded students hold a pen tightly or loosely while ordering from the campus snack bar. Those who stiffened their finger muscles felt more in control of their decisions and were more likely to choose fruit, tea or yoghurt instead of ice cream, croissants or sweets. ‘This only helps at the time of your decision,’ says study author Dr Aparna Labroo. ‘So make a fist at the buffet, and then move on.


Source: Good Housekeeping magazine, August 2012


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