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Why an eye test could save your life

Eye checks aren’t only about assessing your sight. In fact, a simple eye test can identify all sorts of health issues

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If you don’t wear glasses or contact lenses, chances are you don’t bother with regular eye tests. But a simple eye check could identify all sorts of health issues – including:


High blood pressure

This can cause changes to the blood vessels at the back of your eye, which an optometrist can detect.



Or tiny particles consisting of dead cells or dust. They’re usually harmless but may be the symptom of a retinal tear, which can cause sight-loss if not treated.



This is often visible in the form of tiny flecks of blood or yellowish fluid at the back of the eye.


Brain tumour

Thankfully, these are extremely rare, but tumours may cause swelling behind the eye that can be spotted during a routine eye test.


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Source: Good Housekeeping UK, June 2010

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