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Use acupressure, aka ‘the world’s most natural first-aid kit’, to relieve a range of ailments easily and effectively


Acupressure, an alternative therapy based on Chinese acupuncture, is gaining mainstream cred.

‘To target pain, press a specific point on your body with your fingers for a minute,’ says acupuncturist Janet Shaffer.



For nausea

Press on the middle of your inner forearm, about three finger widths from your wrist crease. (This is the point motion-sickness bracelets press as well.)


For a headache

Pinch the web of flesh between your thumb and forefinger.


For insomnia

Press down on the crease between the palm and the wrist, in line with the pinkie finger – daily, for best results.


For menstrual cramps and period bloat

Press on the inside of your leg just below and slightly behind the knee joint.



(Note: if you’re pregnant, get your doctor’s okay – some points can bring on contractions.)

Source: Good Housekeeping magazine

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