10 DIY Christmas giftwrapping ideas

Give your presents an extra-special touch with these creative, budget-friendly wrapping ideas


  1. Naturally Beautiful

natural wrapping ideas

Collect pine cones, berries and small pieces of greenery to create this simple yet sophisticated look. Start by wrapping gifts in plain or brown paper and finish them off with string or colourful ribbons. Use a glue gun to secure your green finds to your gift parcels.


  1. Picture-perfect

gifts with photo tags

Take friends and family on a trip down memory lane by labelling each gift with an old photo of its recipient. The sillier the pics, the better! If you don’t want to ruin the original photo, make a copy, cut it out and punch a hole in the top to thread a piece of ribbon or string through.


  1. Tins of Fun

vintage tins

A gift within a gift! Use vintage tins (shop around at second-hand shops or vintage markets) as reusable packaging for your Christmas gifts. And you don’t have to fill them with biscuits – think outside the tin! From nuts and biltong to arts and crafts supplies or jewellery, the options are endless. Tip: print and use our cheerful Christmas gift cards.


  1. Simply Red

plain gifts with red ribbon

Brown craft paper + red ribbon + gold marker = stunning giftwrapping! We really love the minimalist look of these gifts, and you can play around with markers in different colours and/or fonts.


  1. Have a Ball

bauble decorations

Here’s a clever way to repurpose old mismatched (or cheap shop-bought) Christmas baubles. Use thin wire to bind two to three baubles together and twist the wire around the ribbon tied around a gift. Keep the wrapping paper simple to make your bauble decorations pop.


  1. Chalk it Up

chalkpaint wrapping

Will we ever get tired of chalkboard-inspired crafts? Wrap gifts in black giftwrapping paper and use a white paint marker (available at arts and crafts supply shops) to decorate them with Christmas-themed drawings. And no need to buy gift tags – simply write ‘to’ and ‘from’ on the wrapping too.


  1. Go Dotty

polka dot wrapping

Simple, affordable and really cute! Use wine corks and craft paint to stamp polka dots onto brown craft paper. (Have you noticed we’re big fans of brown paper? It’s so versatile!) Let it dry before wrapping your gifts. You can dab the dots in different colours, patterns and sizes – there’s really no wrong or right way. Finish off gifts with stick-on bows.


  1. Play Time

Pop Sugar

These are almost too pretty to unwrap! Use extra-thick brown paper to wrap your gifts (so the glue doesn’t seep through) and use a glue gun to stick small pompoms (available at arts and crafts shops) on the paper. Tie some twine around the parcel and voila! Tip: attach our fun Christmas-tree paint-sample tags to the gifts.


  1. Arty-farty

paint splatter wrapping

How funky is this paint-splatter wrapping paper? And it’s super-easy to make. Cover a work area with old newspapers and lay brown craft paper on top. Now grab white (or any other colour) acrylic paint and a paintbrush, and let your inner Jackson Pollock loose. Add some water to dilute the paint if it’s too thick. Let the paint dry before wrapping your gifts. Add some finishing touches like ribbons, bows and gift tags.


  1. Spell it Out

initial wrapping

Here’s how to add a personal touch to gifts wrapped in – yes, you guessed it – brown paper: print the initials of friends and family members and cut them out to use as stencils. Trace the initials onto old sheet music or the pages of old books. (Shop at markets or second-hand shops for really battered ones.) Cut them out and glue onto gifts. Tie some festive butcher’s twine around the gifts.



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