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13 clothing hacks to make your life easier

Solve common clothing problems with these ingenious yet simple hacks

We’ve all fallen victim to a clothing emergency, whether it’s discovering that your crisp white shirt is creased or getting lipstick on your favourite top. Stop common clothing emergencies with these easy DIY hacks.

1. Defuzz a sweater or leggings by removing the fuzz with a razor.

2. Use a hair straightener to quickly ‘iron’ a creased collar or hem when you are in a rush.

3. Apply a dollop of shaving cream to a makeup stain and rub before washing as usual afterwards.

4. Window cleaner can be used to clean patent leather – simply spritz and wipe.

5. If leather shoes need a bit of TLC but you don’t have shoe polish on hand, use moisturiser to buff and shine them.

6. Keep shirt buttons from falling off by painting a little clear nail polish over each button to seal the thread.

7. Remove lipstick stains by spritzing some hairspray on the spot before washing the clothing item.

8. Release a stuck zipper by applying Vaseline all along the zip line.

9. Remove water stains from leather by spritzing on a mixture of one part vinegar and two parts water.

10. Spray shirts that tend to get sweat stains with lemon juice before placing them in the washing machine.

11. Prevent your stockings from tearing by spraying hairspray over them. And if you still get a ladder in your stockings, you can seal the edges with clear nail polish.

12. Use bicarbonate of soda to brighten up a pair of white trainers. Make a paste from bicarb and water, and scrub over the dirty areas to clean them.

13. Always let freshly ironed clothes cool before you wear them. This will prevent new creases from forming.


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