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3 Easy Steps to Updating an Old Bookshelf

Give a boring old bookshelf a new lease of life with our easy and affordable tips

Before you start, give the bookshelf a good wipe down and let it dry.

Now, here’s the fun part:


STEP 1: Decorate the backing with wallpaper or gift-wrapping paper, or print out a design of your choice on plain white paper, like we did with this gorgeous Moroccan-tile design.

STEP 2: Cover any marks and scratches on the strips between the shelves using washi tape (available at arts and crafts stores).

STEP 3: Channel your inner stylist to give your bookshelf a little extra personality. You can use anything from pot plants (fake or real) to trinkets, framed photos, pretty boxes and even fresh flowers. We opted for pretty pink roses, an artificial potted plant and a furry little grass bunny.

20160517_104858 (1)

And voilà! Your drab bookshelf now looks good!

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