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5 great kitchen uses for baking paper

Every kitchen needs this

Baking in the kitchen is always fun – until you have to clean up the mess afterwards. Limit the amount of cleaning with Glad Bake & Cooking Paper.

This baking and cooking paper eliminates the need to grease pans and trays, ensuring nothing sticks to your pans. With so many different uses, Glad Bake & Cooking Paper can make baking easier and mess-free! Here are some great tips on how to use this product when preparing delicious treats in the kitchen:

GLAD Wrap and Bake

Photo: Courtesy of Glad

5 tips for using Glad Bake & Cooking Paper

1. Limit crumbs

If you are making a cake or a tart with a crumbed base, crush the biscuits for your cake or tart base between two sheets of Glad Bake & Cooking Paper to make cleaning easier.

2. Collect zest

Place a sheet of Glad Bake & Cooking Paper under your grater when grating to collect lemon or orange rind. 

3. Keep chocolate in check

Anything dipped in chocolate can leave a kitchen in a sticky mess. Set chocolate shapes or chocolate-dipped fruit like strawberries on a sheet of Glad Bake & Cooking Paper to keep them from sticking to your kitchen surfaces.

4. Prevent pastry from sticking

Place your home-made pastry between two sheets of Glad Bake & Cooking Paper. Your pastry will be easy to roll out and won’t stick to your rolling pin and kitchen surfaces. 

5. Easily remove cakes from pans

Prevent your cakes and desserts from sticking to their moulds by lining them with Glad Bake & Cooking Paper. This will ensure that your cakes pop out of your pans.

For more information about Glad products visit www.glad.co.za or follow @GladSouthAfrica on Facebook.

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