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5 stain-busters every household should have

Add these mess erasers to your stain-fighting arsenal

Be geared to erase any spills or splashes with these top tested tips, favourite tools and best fabric-rescue tricks:

1. Spray bottle of cold H2O

Spritz fresh wine, berry or tomato spills to keep them from setting.

2. Baby wipes

Makeup-remover wipes work too. Use them either to dissolve lipstick or food stains on clothes and linens. They clean fabric as they do skin.

3. Spoon

The go-to tool for removing food splatters without pushing them deeper into fabric.

4. Clean white cloths

These are great for sopping up carpet spills and blotting fabric. GH TRICK: Cloth nappies are absorbent, bleachable, affordable and more disposable than microfibre cloths.

5. Dustpan and brush

Quickly sweep up bits of broken glass or biscuit crumbs before they get ground in.

GH’s golden rules of stain removal:

BLOT, DON’T RUB. Dabbing draws stains out of fabric and won’t damage it the way rubbing might.

USE AN ABSORBENT CLOTH. Place underneath fabric to catch residue as stain fades and keep it from spreading. Paper towels or small cotton dishcloths work best.

TRY OUR CARPET TRICK. Once a stain is gone, cover with a stack of paper towels and top with a heavy pot. Leave for 24 hours. The towels will soak up stain residue that travels up the tufts as they dry.

PHOTO: iStock/RuslanDashinsky

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